Using technology & innovation as enablers KEF Katerra reduces carbon footprint with smart offsite infrastructure processes.

Our Philosophy

Fast Forward India
The pressures are high and the technology expensive to meet the high demand and expectations for infrastructural growth. Development for urban growth requires vital cost and time-cutting solutions. We see an immense opportunity to bring in technology and develop a higher-skilled workforce to address the existing gap. The development of India's long-term infrastructure is a significant task. However, by integrating schools of design, science and technology, it can be a reality. ‘Fast Forward India’ our prime motto, embodies this vision like nobody else. Clearly, there’s ample work to be done, and fast. Technology, innovation, and automation are the driving forces behind us along with the currency of time; our biggest enemy and our greatest friend. By stretching it we can subscribe to the status quo and by contracting it, we can challenge a lot of things including our future. We dare to choose the latter. In a time, when fast-food arrives at our door faster than anything else, imagine the effects of a speedy infrastructure, swift developments and a future that arrives on-time. Fast forwarding India is about progress, bettering lives and making dreams happen.