KEF Katerra pioneers a whole new way of infrastructure development with offsite manufacturing. Industry 4.0 is here.


At KEF Katerra, we welcome you to life after the fourth industrial revolution, where the machines we use are constantly talking to one another for your benefit. Our products range from simple single-storied, regular buildings to high rises, bespoke & iconic structures. We also have the capability to offer the most efficient and cost effective building solution without sacrificing architectural design or site utilization. We pride in our incomparable capability to offer turnkey solutions to our clients, ranging from design, manufacturing, installation and even project management. And we do all this from our state-of-the-art offsite manufacturing facility – KEF Katerra One. Our offsite manufacturing technology is inherently appealing to clients because it provides an ideal solution for any infra project, be it in education, health, residential or commercial space, as the technology we use is extremely safe, cost-effective, agile and sustainable, with no compromise on quality.