Offsite Manufacturing

Offsite manufacturing takes the building process away from the physical site and into a controlled factory environment. It is possible to manufacture more than 80% of a building offsite using our technology; entire building components such as columns, beams, hollow core slabs, wall panels, staircases, windows, doors, bathroom units and facades are manufactured in our factories, in a controlled setting before they are installed. Given its assembly line and automated processes, offsite manufacturing can ensure time savings of up to 50% and cost savings of up to 30%. These savings come from the reduced need for preparatory work onsite, opportunities for clients to make quicker rental returns and reduced interest payments for investors. Offsite manufacturing has several distinct advantages.
  • Increase in efficiency and predictability is a major one since the process is the same each time, meaning that speed of completion increases and yet quality remains at its highest.
  • Optimal use of raw materials during the process of construction, as everything is built as per pre-approved specifications.
  • Wastage of resources during the manufacturing phase at the factory and the installation phase at the building site is reduced to a minimum since each structure is customized.
As India rushes to climb the economic development trajectory, offsite construction & technology based manufacturing is here to stay. Get ready for Industry 4.0.