The ‘Joinery’ unit at KEF Katerra is equipped to produce furniture and woodwork ranging from high end furniture in the Palace Joinery segment, as well as, the full range of domestic and office furniture, with specialized design and finishes, which further add value to the modular structures produced at the Park. As part of its usual offerings, the Joinery facility will also be able to produce all kind of doors, windows, cabinets, wardrobes, wall paneling and furniture. It also houses a large soft furnishing division, which addresses the needs for upholstery and furnishings for our projects. The KEF Katerra Joinery & Fit-Out factory features 30 best-in-class machines developed by the top woodworking machinery manufacturers in the world. Notably, the panel line, solid wood line and finishing line are sourced from various European countries like Italy, Germany and Austria. The factory is capable of manufacturing 100 doors and cabinets a day.