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Our Projects

To develop sustainable solutions to problems faced by society, we believe that the key lies in empowering communities, seeking answers from within the neighbourhood and involving the wider community. To ensure that the projects we undertake succeed from a long term perspective, we focus on the ones where we can have active involvement in, and can regularly assess our activities. We also strive to adopt the most efficient and effective methodologies for executing projects, and focus on eliminating wastage of resources. More can be achieved through mutual support. We seek partnerships with government bodies, business organisations, individuals, and local networks to meet the objectives of our engagement. We do not have any political affiliations and work with all governments. The fund raised by the Foundation for projects are presently sourced from the personal donations of Mr. Faizal and Mrs. Shabana, and the businesses under KEF Holdings. The funds are allocated flexibly and with fairness to meet the needs of the beneficiary initiatives. We also ensure that our contributions are carried out transparently and ethically.

List of Projects:

Tamil Nadu flood Relief
In its efforts to bring relief to the flood stricken people of coastal Tamil Nadu in December 2015, The Faizal & Shabana Foundation mobilized a flood relief drive in the state. Members of the Faizal & Shabana Foundation toured the worst affected areas of the state and organised a relief camp at Cuddalore, where relief kits and materials were given to the suffering villagers. KEF employees, from across business verticals, pitched in with monetary contributions to aid in the relief and rehabilitation work. The Faizal & Shabana Foundation also matched the contributions made by the employees to provide a further boost to the relief efforts and was able to generate over 17 lakh INR for the cause.

Al Jalila Foundation for Medical Education and Research

A 10 Million AED Grant for Research in Cancer, Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Obesity, and Mental Health was set up on 5th November 2015. A collaborative effort between KEF Health and Al Jalila Foundation has culminated into the Al Jalila Foundation For Medical Education And Research. The two entities will exchange know-how from their respective global networks and share the outcomes and findings of new research on health and wellness. Commenting on the collaboration, Shabana Faizal, Vice Chairperson, KEF Holdings said, "Our partnership with the Al Jalila Foundation as founding member reiterates KEF and the Faizal & Shabana Foundation's mandate to work with other global philanthropic organizations dedicated to transforming lives through medical education and research. We are sure the Foundation's Research Center will serve as a benchmark, not just in the UAE, but globally, for medical innovation and research."

Integrated Village Development Program (2015)
KEF Holdings has been associated with eight villages of the Krishnagiri district through KEF Infra One. The Faizal and Shabana Foundation has taken up the task of carrying out a holistic community development intervention in the Ennegol panchayat (Panchayat is the lowest strata of Governance in a district in India under the three-tier system of administration), which is 14km away from the town of Krishnagiri. The focus being on education, health, sustainable livelihood, and youth development, the intervention focusses on women, children and youth.

A panchayat-level micro-planning study was conducted in Ennegolas a starting point for other panchayats in the area. The aim is to identify and overcome barriers and challenges faced by the community residing here and enable planned development. The project was inaugurated in March 2015.

Government Vocational Higher Secondary School for Girls´ in Nadakkavu in Kozhikode

Children are the future and it is education through which they can realise their true potential. We believe that every child deserves the right to quality education and it should be accessible without any discrimination across all levels of the society. We focus on adapting education systems for the next generation to make it a platform that develops a child's cognitive (thinking skills), linguistic (language skills), physical and psychosocial (emotional and social) needs. We also believe in empowering teachers with capacity building opportunities to positively impact their engagement with students.

The PRISM (Promoting Regional Schools to International Standards through Multiple Interventions) initiative was flagged off at Government Vocational Higher Secondary Schools for Girls (GVHSS) Nadakkavu, Kozhikode, to overcome the numerous challenges faced by government schools in Kerala. The refurbishment and upgrade of the 120-year-old Government school was undertaken by the Faizal & Shabana Foundation in January 2013. New classrooms, toilets, a multipurpose hall, interactive science center, astro-turf covered sports field and library were constructed in less than 10 months' time using precast technology at a total project cost of 14 Crores INR.

The program is a joint venture with the government of Kerala and we aim to replicate this model of transforming public education across the state and eventually across the nation. Drawing inspiration from the PRISM model, we are on the 'Mission 100' program which will revamp the infrastructure, facilities and operations in top 100 eligible schools selected through a meticulous process. We are aiming to replicate the model in 100 schools in the State by 2020, thereby taking quality education to 250,000 children in the state in a span of five years and making a difference in the lives of over 1 million family members.

Important Milestones of the Project

Most students in government schools don't have access to decent facilities and infrastructure. This leads to dropouts and student strength declines substantially. However, the truth is also that state run schools are where majority of Indian students are going. With a view to plug the gap, GVHSS was upgraded not only to improve the physical infrastructure and environment of the school but also increase the quality of the overall education and enhancement of creativity and innovation, teaching and leadership skills.

Ground breaking at Nadakkavu school premises: 9 January 2013

Situated in the city of Kozhikode, GVHSS sprawls through almost 3.5 acres. The old building, constructed in 1893 was washed off in a great storm in 1934. The present heritage building is an "Ettukettu, that is, the construction involves eight halls and central courtyards; it was built in 1938. After being redeveloped under the PRISM initiative, the school infrastructure and facilities are at par with international school standards. It has established itself as one of the best schools in all of Kerala.

Inaugural event GVHSS: 26 December 2013

The inaugural ceremony of the refurbished school was presided over by Mr. P.K. Abdu Rabb, Minister for Education, Kerala along with Mr. Faizal Kottikollon, Chairman - KEF Holdings and Faizal & Shabana Foundation and Mrs. Shabana Faizal, Vice Chairperson - KEF Holdings and Faizal & Shabana Foundation.Mr. P.K. Abdu Rabb in his speech conveyed that he hoped the PRISM project, by upgrading facilities at the school to world standards, would attract more students. He explained that one of the main reasons for the decline is that parents prefer to send their children to private schools where facilities and comforts are much more.

AR Rahman Visits GVHSS Nadakkavu: 29 December 2013

Two time Academy award and Grammy Award winning composer, music producer and singer A R Rahman was left impressed with the facilities during his visit to GVHSS. He announced that he would find ways to collaborate with the school through the Foundation so that students who are inclined towards music could get the opportunity to be trained by his K M Music Conservatory in Chennai.

65th Republic Day Celebration at GVHSS: 26 January 2014

GVHSS celebrated the 65th Republic Day with District Collector C A Latha hoisting the national flag. Special guest Vilasini Govindan, school leader in 1957, MLA M V Sreyamskumar and Founder-Chairman of KEF, Faizal Kottikollon attended the event and addressed the students.

Ronaldhino visits GVHSS to inaugurate football for peace: 25 January 2016

Legendary Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho visited GVHSS, Nadakkavuas part of his ambassadorship of the Football for Peace Global initiative. On his visit to the school, Ronaldinho spent time with the students and encouraged them to pursue sports more actively and was happy with the Nadakkavu School's sporting facilities.

MIT-KEF R&D Center (2013)

The foundation was laid for MIT - KEF R&D Center for Offsite Construction on the occasion of the 21st Convocation Ceremony of Manipal University. With a total investment of 10 Crores INR equally contributed by the Foundation and Manipal University, the facility will be spread across 28,000 sq ft. It will provide upcoming civil engineering and architecture students with practical knowledge of off-site construction. The facility will be known as MIT-KEF R&D Center and will be built on the premises of the Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. It will comprise several design studios, well equipped casting and testing laboratories for precast joints, beams and slabs, modelling and simulation laboratories, a conference hall, and a museum.

Haiti Earthquake Relief (2010)

Lending a hand at a time of calamity. The 2010 Haiti earthquake with its catastrophic magnitude had affected the lives of an estimated 3 million people. As per the UN Human Development Index, Haiti ranked 145 out of the 169 countries. Moreover, 70% of the people in Haiti were living on less than 2 USD per day. The Foundation conducted a charity marathon‘Run for Haiti’ to raise relief funds for the people in Haiti. This drew the participation of more than 700 individuals. The funds raised were subsequently allocated to the victims of the earthquake through the UAE Red Crescent (UAERC).

KEF Safiya Autism Centre (2009)

The Foundation set up the KEF Safiya Autism Center in Mahe, Kerala. This is a research based center comprising a special needs school, vocational education and rehabilitation center catering to the needs of autistic children in order to provide them with comprehensive vocational education to help them adapt to society. The inaugural event was held on 20 October 2014.

Light A Billion Lives (2008)

Providing sustainable energy to all citizens of the world is today a key challenge. Clean and affordable energy is elementary for enriching lives. The Faizal & Shabana Foundation contributed to the TERI initiative by the Nobel Prize winner Dr. Rajendra Pachauri through its "Light a Billion Lives" campaign. The aim of the campaign was to replace kerosene lanterns in villages with an eco-friendly solar alternative. The support benefitted more than 65 villages spread across Orissa, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It impacted around 16,000 lives that now have access to clean and reliable lighting facilities.

Spastics Society Of Karnataka

The Foundation is closely working with the Spastics Society of Karnataka (Centre for Developmental Disabilities), which provides diagnostic and intervention services for children with developmental disabilities. Through the NGO, we extend our support in providing medical, diagnostic, therapy, education and vocational training facilities for children with special needs.