Using technology & innovation as enablers KEF Infra reduces carbon footprint with smart offsite infrastructure processes.

Message from the Founders

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.
- The Buddha
When we look back, we have to admit that we have been truly blessed. Sharing our blessings with the community around us and giving unconditionally has always been our core belief. We have always taken the time out to help those in need, trying to contribute our bit to the community. A touch, a little care, a listening ear, a small measure is all what it takes to bring the joy in the eyes of the people we are helping, and that smile is our best reward. For us, involvement with the community is ongoing – a sustained intervention to bring about change. Money can help, but giving is not just about monetary assistance. We believe in spending time with people and understanding the barriers they face and then deriving the best solutions to address those issues. In our experience, it is only when the basic barriers are done away with can a community thrive. It is our aspiration to grow and touch as many lives as possible. We believe that a sustainable society can be built by nurturing its future generations. For this reason, a lot of our efforts are channelled towards reforming the public education system, uplifting women's livelihoods and offering humanitarian assistance. Besides financial support, our key contributions include the skills, technologies, expertise and resource that we and everyone in the KEF team brings to the initiatives - to develop innovative, effective and sustainable solutions that brings about a lasting impact in the society. To us, caring for the community is a way of life and we try to inculcate the same spirit across all members of our KEF Family.