With the help of Offsite manufacturing, KEF Katerra completes infrastructure projects 50% faster. That’s Fast Forwarding Growth.


KEF Katerra is committed to sustainable development goals, with an intent to improve infrastructure in the country with a solution-based approach. As India rushes to climb the economic growth trajectory, it is time to adapt progressive and innovative methods for infrastructure development. By learning how offsite construction is the more efficient, less wasteful and investment-friendly option, let’s embrace the economic, structural and aesthetic possibilities it offers. There are several benefits in addition to the time and cost savings which offsite construction technology offers over traditional methods of construction.
  • Traditional methods rely on on-site construction and require movement of large machinery in residential areas, crowded cities, roads and narrow lanes leading to major disruption for citizens. Offsite construction technology inherently rids this issue with most building components being manufactured in factories, which are then transported onsite for installation.
  • Offsite construction reduces preparatory work onsite, lessens transportation requirements, eases rental agreements and attracts permanent and highly skilled labour.
  • It reduces wastage by recycling leftover materials in the next project thereby offering high level of energy efficiency. Our technology also allows custom made designs to be produced.
  • It reduces noise pollution in cities as the construction takes place at factories located in the outskirts. Conventional methods pose high risk for labour working at towering heights whereas offsite construction eliminates many of these risks, since workers operate in a controlled safe environment.