KEF Katerra manufactures Hospitals, Business parks, Hotels, Schools & Homes in state of the art offsite facility employing the best robotics and automation technologies available globally.

Building Communities

KEF Katerra is modelled on a social enterprise, with particular interest in applying industrial solutions towards building infrastructure for certain key sectors that are critical to citizens’ welfare, such as education and healthcare.

To develop sustainable solutions to problems faced by society, we believe that the key lies in empowering communities, seeking answers from within the neighbourhood and involving the wider community. To ensure that the projects we undertake succeed from a long term perspective, we focus on the ones where we can have active involvement in, and can regularly assess our activities.

We also strive to adopt the most efficient and effective methodologies for executing projects, and focus on eliminating wastage of resources. More can be achieved through mutual support. We seek partnerships with government bodies, business organisations, individuals, and local networks to meet the objectives of our engagement. We do not have any political affiliations and work with all governments. We also ensure that our contributions are carried out transparently and ethically.